The Study on the Situation of Parenting Education to Enhance the Wellbeing of Young Children from Birth to Three Years in Sri Sakhon District, Narathiwat Province

Kessaree Ladlia
Faculty of Education, Yala Rajabhat University

The research titled “the study on the situation parenting education to enhance the wellbeing of young children from birth to three years
in Sri Sakhon district, Narathiwat province” has conducted in the context of three southern border provinces where there is the identity of a multicultural and multilingual societies.

The objectives were to study the elements of early childhood parenting, and to study the challenges and guidelines in parenting education for enhancing the wellbeing of young children. It is descriptive research using both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques. The sample of 394 people participated in the questionnaire checklist, while the key informant of 8 public health officials, 12 village health volunteers, 13 caregivers of normal children, and 4 caregivers of stunted children joined a group discussion. Both questionnaire checklist and group discussion are the main data collection tools of this study.

The research found that there are seven elements that contribute to the wellbeing of children, which include 1) parenting habits in everyday life 2) the promotion of child development and learning 3) appropriate age of parents, 4) language proficiency of parents 5) positive parenting 6) early childhood health and 7) primary caregivers. The main problem of promoting parenting education in this province is the lack of family income. Therefore, promoting livelihood activities in the community could be the solution to promote parenting education for early childhood wellbeing. The results of this research will lead to the design of methods, processes or courses in developing the potential of parents in Narathiwat province for the promotion of early childhood wellbeing.

descriptive research

Journal of Inclusive and Innovative Education Chiang Mai University

Year 2023

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